Everything That You Need to Know about the Origin of NBC Gas Mask

To keep it as simple as possible, NBC gas mask is a tiny, personal and portable air purifying device, which was made with the only purpose of supplying detoxified “clean” air. Digging back in the history, it has been seen that the gas masks have been in the market from quite a long time and they were first made by the ancient Greeks. In those times, these were the crude versions that contained sponges for purifying air.
A few years, in fact centuries later, a pair of Iraqi brothers came up with a rough model of a 19th-century version of the gas mask NBC. Ever since then, these masks have been used by soldiers, doctors, miners and civilians, in various situations, but their purpose has always remained the same, which is to facilitate clean air to the user. Earlier, they did not function that well and did not ensure survival. But to not to be partial, nuclear and chemical warfare was still to be invented.
gas mask nbc

Initial, practical gas mask possessing real survival potential was made in 1916, by a Brit named Edward Harrison. He came up with this version shortly after the invention of chemical warfare during World War 1. Finally, after that period of time, these gas masks have been used as a symbol of the apocalyptic. Undoubtedly, they look a bit weird, but when it comes to saving lives, they do an exceptionally good job.
Many sellers, be it shopkeepers or the online sellers, put NBC gas mask for sale. The craze of these masks it too much. People in military services have to buy these masks to be safe and secure during war times, but as the people love going for trekking nowadays, they keep these masks in their bug-out-bag. After all, you can never be sure about the situations that you might have to face during your bushwalking experience.
Generally, there are two types of NBC gas mask. First out of it is air-purifying respirator. You can buy it if you want something easy, quick, and cheap to safeguard yourself during your trek. These respirators only cover your mouth and nose but do their function completely well and provide you fresh and clean air to breathe. However, they keep your eyes uncovered. Hence, there are no chances of having all that fog deposit in front of your eyes.

Another option that you can look for is a full face gas mask, which is just like the previous one, but covers your eyes as well; though you can see out of glass or plastic plates. They cover your entire face and include a large filter and NBC canister, which is attached beneath the mouth area.