8 Best Bug Out Bag Must Haves

Best bug out bags are a kind of endurance kits that are useful in case of survival from a disastrous situation. You can get these bags premade from the online sellers or you can make them yourself. Making them is really very easy because all you need to do is arranging the following items and putting them in best bug out bag.

  1. Add some things for hydration, such as drinking water bottles and water purification tablets.
  2. After water, come food items. You can add few energy bars, portable stove, stove fuel, metal cooking pots and metal cups.
  3. Clothing items such as rain poncho, fleece, long sleeve shirt, underwear, hat and woolen hiking socks.
  4. Shelter and bedding items such as sleeping bag, wool blanket, tent and ground pad can be kept inside the bag in order to have something to sleep on in case you have to spend quite a lot of days away from home.
  5. Personal hygiene items such as wet napkins, hand sanitizer, all-purpose camp soap, travel size toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, small pack towels are a must have in a  best bug out bag.
  6. Apart from these essentials, you can add a small first-aid kit because you can never be safe from injuries. In it, add a mosquito repellent as well.
  7. Also, you can add some tools, lighting sources (such as LEDs, Glowsticks, candles and batteries), travelling aids like compass, emergency whistle, travel map and communication mediums such as cellphone, power charger and portable radio with hand crank.
  8. Well, apart from all these things, don’t mind keeping some prerequisites for self-defense as well. In your best bug out bags, keep some space for things such pepper spray, handgun and takedown riffle. You might think of them to be space consuming, but think about it other way around. What if you are stuck in a jungle and you come across a dangerous animal? There, you will have to safeguard yourself on your own and these items will come in handy at that time.
Depending on the duration of your stay, you can add and delete the items from the above-suggested ones. After selecting the items of your choice, pick a strong and sturdy bag for yourself – most probably a backpack. Never finalize a bag beforehand because then you might have to unwillingly leave out things that you might be intending to take along with you. Well, there you go with your own best bug out bag. Isn’t that such an easy task? So, let’s make one today!